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Disability Now – Warwick Davis Article

Check out the interview with the short actor Warwick Davis as he talks about his career and up and coming series called ‘Life’s To Short’  which I discussed being rather apprehensive about in a previous post.

Warwick admits that the sitcom will probably ‘strike a few nerves’  though insists that it is he who will be in the driving seat and ‘owning the jokes’.   It would be great if it does show what it is like to be short, however the premise of the storyline is exaggerated, fame hungry person.  So I’m kind of thinking along the lines of, oh god, it’ll be a Big Brother type caricature lending itself to the freak/different theme on TV once again.  However, I guess filming a small person going about their everyday lives isn’t necessarily entertaining TV right?

To be fair, I’m glad a short actor is getting airtime. I’m hoping this paves the way for a restricted growth person in one of the soaps and getting a role for roles sake, rather than because an actor is solely hired for their height.  Secretly, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing it too,  so I can have a good giggle of what I hope is a fair representation of life as a person with restricted growth.

Warwick also has a book out called Size Matters Not – check it out on Amazon »*


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