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You Look Like Pygmy

…can I stand next to you to see the difference?

Well it’s been the week of attracting attention.   This comment was made by a member of the public at work.  I tried the ‘we all come in different shapes and sizes’ route, but the poor person didn’t look like they had the social skills to understand the significance of the situation they created and I ended up just nodding and walking off.

It shook me up a bit, over the years you build up an intuition about when to indulge and when doing so would cause said idiots to latch on to you even more so.  Alarm bells were ringing loudly for this one.  There wasn’t another member of staff around to act as the getaway, plus I was in tizz wondering how to tell them to piss off in the politest possible way without generating a complaint.

Even though we can’t always be protected from such behaviour or wrapped in cotton wool, sometimes, I wish us restricted growth people could be given a handbook on how to deal with these awkward situations and these idiots.

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