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Half-Term Shopping Hell

I made the mistake of going shopping during half-term this week, though I agree this would send the calmest of person into a rage, for me it’s a heart in the mouth moment from entering the store to leaving it. Why? The.Stares. We restricted growth people are used them yes, but when you’ve got a …

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What’s One Of Those?

This was the answer to my question when asking the local council sports department if they had a hydrotherapy pool. * Groan * …here we go again.  Forgive my pessimism, but every time I try to access some form of sports facilities something doesn’t go right and it’s usually because of the restricted growth. Take …

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Someone Tried To Video Me On Their Phone

I was walking down the street with a friend who also has restricted growth, we were quite happily talking away when my friend went quiet.  She’d clocked that a young man was taking too long to pass us and our small strides.  We turned around and sure enough, he was fiddling with his phone.  We …

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The Restricted Growth Association

There comes a point in most restricted growth person’s life or for parents with kids with a form of dwarfism when you need to reach out to people who are going through similar experiences.  This is where charities like the Restricted Growth Association (RGA) and the Child Growth Foundation (CGF) is pivotal to providing this …

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