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Short Watch: Warwick Davis On Able Radio

Having listened to Warwick’s interview on Able Radio, it’s amazing to listen to what his life story has entailed and how fortunate he has been to be able to make a career as an actor.

On to talk about his up and coming comedy show with Ricky Gervais, it was interesting to hear Warwick’s perception on the portrayal of various disabilities on Gervais’ other show, Extras.   I’ve been up in arms about this in previous posts about his sketch on the show, Warwick did enlighten me in so far that yes it did turn the finger around and show that the so called ‘normal’ people were the not so nice people, though I have yet to see other TV drama programme showing a person of restricted growth as a serious character rather than the prevalent caricature we get to see at the moment.

Overall the interview was wonderful, the interviewer Ian Williams has a lovely interviewing style who is obviously a huge fan of Warwick’s …and it’s always nice to hear a short actor being given some air time.

Warwick Davis interview on Able Radio – take a listen for yourself »

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