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Dwarves Mocked on Graham Norton Show

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So there I was the other Friday night, merrily laughing along to the general banter on the Graham Norton Show when, within the space of about 10 minutes, one of his guests, Lee Mack made two dwarf jokes.  Hrumph! On the BBC no less!  What do you mean fellow restricted growth person? You are not surprised to hear that our minority group was once again publicly mocked and the said offender allowed to get away with it on a major broadcast channel?

Well, as the powers that be that will justify such behaviour, it’s all in jest, I mean it wasn’t like he was mocking a person of colour, or a person who chooses to love someone of the same sex, or a person who was blind.

No, it’s OK to mock and perceptually make fun of a group of people who are born a lot smaller than your average person. Because well, it’s all in good fun and well basically,  mediocre comedians are now publicly not allowed to pick on other minority groups on major broadcast channels without full reprisal from the representative community groups; such was the response to Frankie Boyles sick disability jokes.  Jeez, it’s like being back at school and getting picked on being the smallest in the class because everyone does it and broadcast channels let them get away it…

…oh and before you think I’m a complete stiff,  I thought the dwarf boob joke was hilarious 😉

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