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The Dwarves Are Coming

I subscribe to the wonderful BBC Ouch programme through my Facebook account to keep up to date about when the latest disability news when an article on their blog caught my eye.

The season of the dwarf

Turns out that there are few programmes that are going to aired in the coming months.  Excited!?!

Well, yes and no.

The wonderful Jasmine Burkitt is back on our screens with Small Teen Bigger World as part of the Extraordinary Me season on BBC3.

Next up is Channel 4’s offering, oh so, originally titled ‘Seven Dwarves’, that follows (would you believe it) seven dwarves as they go through panto season together.  From what’s gathered off the C4 website it’s an ‘observational documentary…aims to cut across some of the preconceptions that small people often encounter’.  Maybe they should have tried changing the programme title to start with?…

Next up is Warwick Davis and Ricky Gervais’ collaboration ‘Life’s Too Short’ that is a parody documentary about Warwick’s  day-to-day life.  There’s a quite a clever and wry clip that manages to catch the frustrations of what’s like being short and having people talk for you.  I’ve been a naysayer in the past on this here blog, about this collaboration, but I’m pleasantly surprised by this minute teaser.   Let’s see if I have to eat my words any further when it airs on BBC 2.

I’m glad that there is going to be an increased presence on the TV and in the media about restricted growth in general, it can only be a good thing, though I think us dwarves will always be more than worried about how we are going to be portrayed and what effect that will have on us on the street the next day.  The entertainment industry hasn’t been so sympathetic to us in the past.


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  1. Layla says:

    I am actually really worried about Life’s too short. I hope I am wrong about it but it does seem very centered around Warwick’s height. As a dwarf I know people such as myself will be the ones to cop the abuse from it the next day whilst Gervais and Warwick can get on with it.

    Very true about Seven Dwarfs. If they want to get rid of the preconceptions they should look at what they are doing first.

    At least Jasmine and her mam are doing it in the right way

    • Little Lady says:

      Hi Layla, thanks for your comments. I imagine the majority of the dwarf community is on tenterhooks tonight wondering if Warwick has sold his soul to the devil, sorry, Ricky Gervais, lol. Personally, I would be more comfortable of comedy programmes or dwarf representation in general if it wasn’t the only current stereotype (dwarves being mocked) and was counterbalanced with some very strong role models showing us going about our everyday lives – like Jazz and Bev have in ‘Small Teen, Bigger World’, reading the news and being visible in public life. That said, I have no desire to kick-start a career in politics.

  2. Larry says:

    My main criticism with life’s too short is Warwick Davis is just playing a version of David Brent with his trademark looks to camera, ego and gaffs, there is nothing new here. it’s obviously going to feed into all the stereotypes Gervais can muster for Warwick, not funny.

    • Little Lady says:

      Thanks for your comment Larry, I agree to a degree. However, from a dwarf perspective, on the one hand it’s interesting to see a character being portrayed as a human being rather than a mythical creature. That said, in some ways I worry that people with dwarfism are being portrayed in a negative light. We’ll have to continue to watch and see before making any forgone conclusions.

  3. Serena says:

    Love your site! I’ve been watching the Seven Dwarves doco here in Australia, and have found a deeper understanding and appreciation what little people deal with day in and day out. Jamie was one of my favourite episodes!

    I’ll keep checking back, Little Lady! Take care!

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