1. Isabel Reid says:

    Fantastic series. I’m also a mum of two fully blown diva teenager girls and i’m Deaf myself – really do empathise with Bev and also see so much of Jazz in my girls too! Really enjoying the programmes and cant wait for next Monday’s showing for the dad makeover!

    Ps the grandad is fab!

  2. michelle panter says:

    loved watching the series about jazz and bev they have a cool sence of humour. hope everything works out for jazz please please make another series

  3. Paulie B says:

    This documentary should have been called ‘Small Teen Big Ego’.Watched the last part of this documentary series last night and was very disappointed at Jazz’s sanctimonious attitude towards her father’s relapse. As some one who has
    worked with addicts in the past it saddens me at the way she has discarded him at a time when he needs her support and understanding.When she says she feels worthless that he has once again chosen drugs over her ,she fails to grasp the complexity of drug addiction. It can’t of been easy for the dad to tolerate the
    constant putdowns by Bev.Only hope his son Alan hasn’t abandoned him also. Last nights episode left me with the impression that both women used this vulnerable man.

    • Little Lady says:

      Paulie – Jazz is a 17 year old girl. Can you remember how black and white things were at that age? Or how you thought you knew everything, but that life teaches you otherwise? Jazz has already experienced a lot, but has so much more to. We are privileged not only to have been given into restricted growth, but also what drugs do to families and how it is a painful process for ALL those involved. My thoughts go out to all 3 of them and the rest of the family.

  4. Jane keenan says:

    I thought Jazmine handled her father the only way she could at the time, she did not disregard him completely , was just protecting herself and her mother.

    I found Jazmine to be a compassionate young lady. who was just been careful as for the other comment by Pauline B totally inappropriate her fathers a big boy he knew full well that he could not touch heroin again , from some body that has known addicts and knows what a drain they can be , not all I must add.
    Love to Jaz and Bev x

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