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I’m Not Jasmine Or Bev Burkitt!

Wow!  Lots of comments and emails over the last 24 hours with the end of the airing of Small Teen, Bigger World on BBC 3 last night.

While it is heartening to see so many people passionate and inspired by the programme, I would like to clarify once again I’m NOT Jasmine or Bev Burkitt!

I’m a 30-something woman with another form of restricted growth who lives somewhere in the UK.   I keep my identity hidden for many reasons, mainly because I talk about sensitive subjects that do not necessarily sit comfortably with normies and I like to have a good moan at what I perceive are in the injustices of being a short arse in a tall world.  If you would like to get in touch with Jasmine or her Mum Bev, I would strongly recommend that you pop on over to their official website at http://www.smallteenbiggerworld.co.uk/

Thank You!


  1. cindy brooks says:

    i am a 26 year old women and have a growth short im just under 3 feet tall i can not get fashion for me i have wear clothes for 4 year olds do you know of any clubs for short people

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