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A Spurt Of Comments

Really, fellow people of restricted growth, what’s it like?  You can go say a few days, maybe a week or (if you’re lucky) a month or two without getting any sort of unwanted or unwarranted attention… and then – bam! They are like buses, they’ll all come at once.

The first of these started with a trip to the hospital.  Walking down the corridor, minding my own business and I hear “…gor, she’s little”.

Me: Le sigh – eh?!   (because I’m deaf as well as little, hey?!)

I wouldn’t care, but the chap who said this had.one.leg!  One leg! I think they’ve must have removed his tact muscle at the same time! Sorry, I know that’s uncalled for, but thought they might’ve been some sort of disabled solidarity.  Guessing not…

Next up, minding my own business coming out of the local Post Office.  Older gentleman goes…

OG: “You’re little…”

LL: (here we go…) “Yes…”  gives a tight smile, really… I hadn’t noticed today…

OG: “How old are you…?

LL: “Old enough thank you…”  I walk off rather annoyed.

OG: “huh..” Looks confused, doesn’t know what to say.

I wouldn’t mind so much if these were spread out, but no, they happened within a matter of days of each other. I mean, why the hell is it OK for the older bloke to ask my age, when he wouldn’t your average looking lady?  You know, one of comments are that, one-off comments.  But when they start to accumulate, over the days, over the weeks, over the years it does make me so wary of others.  What is must be like to walk amongst without the fear or anticipation of not being seen.  I envy that, but it is part of my existence.

How do you deal with it?  I wish knew.  I’m not quick with the comebacks or the retorts. I can smile them off, but it hurts every time, like a knife poking a never healing wound. You kind of get used to it, it’s very hard to accept it when all you want to do is go about your everyday life with an anonymity that your average person takes for granted.

One day, I would love to read a book of witty comebacks just for people with restricted growth – a how to deal with idiot comments.  Now there’s an idea put out there…


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