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That Must Come In Handy – Wink Wink

… I froze.

Me: “Sorry, what did you say…” very cooliy, with one eyebrow raised in the “you really didn’t just say what I think you said did you?” manner.

Fella: “erm, oh, erm… for reaching lower shelves…”

Me: “… if you’ll excuse me…”

Well, that was a first.

I heard of other little ladies having lewd comments about being the right height for certain love-fest activities, but certainly had never had first hand experience myself until the contractor we had in to sort out bathroom out decided I was ‘obviously’ comfortable with such remarks (er, no!).

Needless to say, that chap wasn’t invited back again and funnily enough the work got done quite quickly from thereon in, thankfully with my husband around to keep an eye on him.

I felt so uncomfortable, stunned at first, wondering if I had heard him right.  I don’t think it was just a dwarfist remark, the fella certainly didn’t seem to have much respect for women in general.  I was very happy once he was gone.   What a horrible remark.



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