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Little Lady Update

Hello there readers, I hope you’re still popping by once in a while to see if this here blog is still ticking away.

I must apologise for a lack of posting, time does a fly by these with a young toddler in tow.

So, how are you all? How’s life treating you?

Moi? Well, I’ve been up to my eyes in play doh, painting, summer type of stuff and getting ready for the pending autumn/winter should it ever arrive. To be fair, I love that it’s still warm outside, no achy bones and joints for me just yet!

I’ve got no particular personal news on the dwarf front to talk about. Strange isn’t? How some days, months and years it is all you think about, then other periods of your life you’re just being. Being ‘Little Lady’, not worrying about peoples’ reactions or comments. Not so frustrated by not being able to decent clothes or shoes to fit. Busy planning breakfast, dinner and tea. Getting the washing done. Making sure the LO and hubby are OK. Like any mum with a young child – wishing for that bit more sleep.

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know I’m still here. Hope you are all well x

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