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From MSN: Cheryl Cole Treats Birthday Boy Simon To A Singing Dwarf

Having been roaming around the web this evening I found the link below.


Is this true??

* Head slumps onto laptop keyboard in exasperation *


I get the fact that people with restricted growth should make their money however they wish, however, I can’t help but feel this, once again reinforces, that people with restricted growth are seen by certain average heighters as entertaining + laughable = freak (another rant, another post I feel).

What I would love to see one of these people actually been given a chance on the X-Factor.   Granted, the odds are stacked against you on that show unless you’re under 25 and are marketable.  But I’d love to see how the producers would cope with the dance show routines if a person in a wheelchair or a blind person got through to the live finals.

Obviously, I’d treat the world to my ‘heavenly’ vocals (cough), however, I don’t think Simon Cowell or the rest of the world is  ready for them quite yet….

For the record –  I do watch the show.  My inner freak compels me to watch it.

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