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PIP Reflections and the Snap General Election

It’s been nearly 4 months since I received my new reward in the transition from DLA to PIP.

It has given me much time to reflect, even though we now find ourselves in a midst of a snap general election with the Tories in course to win by a significant majority. 

Reflections of the award

It still seems incredibly unfair that one day I qualified for help with driving, the next I didn’t. I still need adaptions to be independent. Isn’t that what the benefit is supposed to be about?

Indeed, I found myself more or less housebound when I had to wait for the DVLA to sort out my car tax, because my nearest bus stop is too far away for me to manage. 

The stress and anxiety caused by such assessments does not help with providing objective reasoning required for these tests. 

As was pointed out to me, and I noticed myself, I walk two steps to everyone stride of my husband. Meaning? We’ll think about it, I’ve already done the equivalent of 20m by 10m. An average person’s 20m is my equivalent of 40m. No wonder I’m exhausted most of the time, I’m forever trying to keep up. This was not taken into account when assessing me. 

I wish I had appealed

Regardless of this outcome, I wish I had appealed. However, it had taken its toll on me, on my physical and mental health. Plus, financially, as I mentioned in the original blog post, we were not in a position to be played with political football with once more. With stories abound of having the award all denied at mandatory consideration. 

What now?

Well, I have hope. A surprise snap general election has been called. Both of the main parties have published their manifestos. As disabled people we have a stark choice. 5 more years of punitive assessments, austerity and support being cut by the Conservatives, whose government has been damned in its treatment of the disabled in this country by the UN. Or Labour. 

The Snap General Election

Labour have promised to scrap the PIP assessments and move to a more holistic social model of disability assessment that is not assessed by private companies. This will greatly benefit people such as myself who experience obstacles in the day-to-day living of our lives. Namely, the significant extra costs in terms of adaptations required to be able to drive safely which is not covered by the current PIP assessments.  

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s all going to be roses in the garden if this new type of assessment comes to pass. I’ve been through the system too long and suffered enough stress and heartache to know nothing is perfect. At least Labour seeks to address and give this aspect of welfare back its dignity. 

This new proposal does make me breath a bit easier thinking we’ll be treated as humans rather than being viewed in the disgraceful scrounger narrative peddled by the Tories. 

We have a choice in June and a chance for real change on Thursday 8th June. 

Hello Little Lady will be backing Labour for positive change and I invite you to stand up for disabled people and do the same. 

PS: I respect whichever way you chose to vote. Please respect mine. Whichever colour you decide to cast your vote, please make sure you exercise your democratic right.

PPS: The option of being able to vote by post has now passed. If you are worried or anxious about voting, make sure you get in touch with your local council to discuss your access requirements. Do not let your height not let you have your say! You can get find and get in touch with your Election department by visiting www.gov.uk

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