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Disability Now – Warwick Davis Article

Check out the interview with the short actor Warwick Davis as he talks about his career and up and coming series called ‘Life’s To Short’  which I discussed being rather apprehensive about in a previous post. Warwick admits that the sitcom will probably ‘strike a few nerves’  though insists that it is he who will …

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TV Programme Review: Are You Having A Laugh

A friend of mine told me that this programme that takes a look at how disability is portrayed on TV in the last 50 years.   While planning our evening timetable of TV, my beau asked me if this was going to one of those programmes that upset me and would have me shouting at the …

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The Guardian Article – Little Britain: what is life like as a small person?

The Guardian Article – Last week The Guardian published an article by Leo Benedictus featuring 3 people with restricted growth and their life experiences. Hats off to that newspaper for giving the community a voice in national platform in a national paper. Re-reading the article I’m still in agreement with what Gillian Martin says.  I …

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